Get In Touch With Your Latent Dreams – Find Your Real Reason To Reach For The Stars

From time to time, you may find yourself wondering what it would be like to have everything you wanted by simple asking for it. For many, this line of thought begins anew when one of the lotteries reaches your definition of “rich”. For others, it may come as they imagine their future as a corporate leader, a star athlete, or a famous artist or musician.

Whatever the trigger, your desires become very clear. You experience a level of joy and excitement that’s missing in your everyday life. The thoughts of all that you could do and experience fills your mind. Your heart starts to beat faster and you actually start to believe that you could get all that you want. A sense of happiness pours over you like a European shower. forbes

Then it happens. You bring yourself back to reality and your emotional state starts to deflate to a point where you become a miserable wretch.

C’est la vie… or is it?

I believe that if you can get that excited about your dream life, then you can create that life. You definitely “saw” the lifestyle that raised your passion. You can’t deny that if you had the means, you’d have all you wanted in a New York minute. Who wouldn’t?

Did you know that there are 1226 billionaires in the world in 2012; eshop development up from 140 in 1987? According to Forbes magazine, there were 16 newly minted billionaires in the past 12 months. If that’s a bit too rich for you, did you know that according to The Economist there are approximately 10 million to 24 million millionaires in the world, with the United States having just over 5 million households at that level in 2011?

So, what does that have to do with finding your reason to pursue your ideal life?

I know that having lots of money isn’t everyone’s dream, but I also know that it is for many because of what they would accomplish if money wasn’t a concern for them. It also allows me to put real numbers and faces to an important point – the vast majority of these fabulously (and near-fabulously) wealthy people were not born into wealth. In fact, many were poor or just getting by before they acquired their wealth.

The questions that you should be asking by now are “What’s the difference between them and me?” “What did they do that I may be able to duplicate to build my ideal lifestyle?” “Can I get all that I want before it’s too late?”

I believe one driving factor is that those that worked their ways into their dream lives did so because there was a deep seated reason that pushed them to do whatever it took to satisfy that reason. It was something so clear and had such a deep emotional impact on them that it was almost impossible for them to stop. No matter what obstacles or detours their lives threw at them, VPS Hosting they kept moving toward the satiation of their “why”.

What’s your deep seated reason? What have you kept to yourself for years the will become the catalyst to move you toward your dream life?

Here are three ways to help you find your true motivation to take action now to get the life that you desire:

1. Become child-like when asking yourself “Why?”

Have you ever had a child ask you why a color, object, or substance was the way it was? How many “whys” did you answer before you said “Because it just is!”? That’s the point you need to find for yourself and your reason to reach for something more. retroandclassicflixs

Ask yourself “Why do I want this amount of money, or that car, or this home, etc.?” until you get to the root reason. Don’t let yourself off the hook until you discover what happened to make you want your desire.

2. Put yourself in your future reality.

Imagine you actually hit the lottery for an enormous amount of money; or that you got the promotion to the big office. Or you’re now a world famous artist or musician with millions of fans. Take 15 – 30 minutes and use all of your senses to create your ideal lifestyle in your mind.

Now, imagine you’ve had the money, job, toalla playa or fame for a year or two. You have all of the toys you imagined and now you’re settled into your new lifestyle. What project or cause do you support or participate in? Why did you choose that cause? That’s your reason to start moving ahead now.

3. Let your experience become your personal mentor.

Everyone has had situations that they have successfully overcome to become the people that they are now. Most have also been able to avoid getting into those messy circumstances for years after the original occurrence. What if the situation was from your childhood, your adolescence, or early adulthood?

If you think about it and remember how badly you felt,  and how your confidence and determination rose after you got through it all, there’s a good chance that this will be your reason for reaching a higher level in your life. Focus on it and use it as motivation to build and act on your dream.


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