Why This? Why Now? Holistic Healing – Is This The Answer?

Why This? Why Now? Holistic Healing. Is This The Answer?

I have just created a new business as a designer of web pages and online marketing. My first customer was one of my best friends who approached me with her friends, saying “We need some business and some credibility. ” They were all into various avenues of holistic healing. I believe in the validity and integrity of the three women, so I decided to create the site:

. I not only believe in the ladies, but I believe in the product. I have always felt there is more to religion than going to church and just loving others. I have been fascinated by the spiritual side of it all. I have always felt there is more than just medicine and physicians to healing. I have seen the power of prayer, the strength of the human touch and the human mind. I look back to ancient times and the wisdom and power of healing with herbs, words and the earth, and I see empowerment there. I want to know why. There is more to healing, more to religion, more to spiritual guidance. I think the time has come when this all needs to come forward, and people open their minds and start to accept. The body, mind, spirit, and soul connection makes so much sense to me. How can we separate them? I want to be a part of this movement. For more details please visit these sites:- 7mgg.com

As my friends and I came together and I looked at their business goals and ideas, I felt they were helping me as much as I was helping them. I needed to start somewhere with my small business, and I really knew little about websites. The conservative town of Grand Haven, Michigan was not totally ready for their approach to holistic healing through spiritual guidance, Reiki, Shamanism and Archetypes. We do have yoga, massage and hypnosis in this western part of Michigan, but as I traveled recently to the Western part of our nation, I saw much more than this. In every block in Bellingham, Washington, I witnessed rolfing, intuitive readings, career karma, and every kind of yoga and meditation opportunity imaginable. I even saw medical doctors affiliated with alternative healing. I was impressed.. Even on the Eastern side of Michigan, progression is taking place. As I searched on the web for sites like I wanted to produce, I saw that Michigan is full of offerings in the Detroit area and even in the city of Grand Rapids. Maybe there was hope for the ladies. Recently, a new office site opened near my home. The practitioners offered Reflexology, Water Therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Hypnosis and much more. It closed due to a lack of interest. All of the interesting evening sessions are gone too, due to lack of interest. What does it take to open minds? What does it take to get away from the narrow religious ideas held dear by our ancestors?

I consider knowledge and exposure to be the answer, and as I write about Reiki, Shamanism, Alternative Healing and ideas, I know a supreme being is guiding me and guiding those willing to help others as they create new businesses.

Let’s look at Reiki. My first exposure was an interesting and frightening experience. My friend’s home was across from mine. A beautiful home, it had been repossessed by the bank as the mom and daughters left one day leaving furniture and food on the table. Just left… Previously, I had witnessed police officers at the home taking away the stepfather of the children. He had sexually molested both of the daughters, and it soon was common knowledge in our small town. The home was on the market for an inexpensive price, and my friend purchased it. The home felt wrong. Something was just lacking in it, and we both knew it. We knew somewhat of what had happened, and the energy of it remained there. An inexplicable eeriness was present. I was informed that someone could help us. I had a do it yourself Feng Shui kit, but I needed more! The helper turned out to be a prominent women from the area; Lisa Lee. Lisa had been a parent at the school where I taught and on the school board. What? She did Reiki? What was this Reiki, and who really was this woman? I contacted her with my strange request: ” My friend’s home has bad energy and needs blessing. Help us please.” She arrived that evening, coughing and choking as she entered. Yes, there was negative energy left behind. It had nowhere to go. She went outside, “grounded herself” and came in again. She calmly explained the procedure, and we were enthralled and maybe somewhat frightened. We were both open to whatever was going to take place. She talked about energy having nowhere to go, and we are all made up of energy. Even when not present, a person’s energy can be left behind, and in this case, the energy from the pain and suffering of abuse lingered. This made sense to us, and what did we have to lose? Burning sage, rose water and prayers and blessings were ready for us to begin. As in the movie, “The Green Mile,” the Reiki Master took in the bad energy and coughed, choked and cried as she did. In some areas of the home, we were asked to stay away as she felt the worst energy was there. She urged us to pray and not take in any of the energy ourselves. What an experience. She blessed each room with her prayers and ours, then we went outside and blessed the perimeter of the home. She left us with peace and a new feeling in the home. She went to Lake Michigan nearby and immersed herself with water to release the negativity. Strangely enough, I believed in this and was no longer fearful. Many friends thought we “had gone off the deep end.”

A few years later, my dear friend, Margret Bazany, continued to suffer from lifelong migraines with little relief from medication. She was led to Reiki and to the same Reiki Master who had helped us; Lisa Lee. I was amazed to watch her health change and to see her interest in becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher grow. She studied and worked on Reiki, then wandered to Colorado seeking workshops in Shamanism, a form of ancient Native American healing. As she progressed in this, new avenues opened to her, and she realized she had a gift in healing and guidance. She became a Shamanic practitioner and then found studies in Archetypes, a way of finding your pathways in life.She opened her own practice, and I listened and watched and shared her so very interesting experiences.




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