Is It Alright To Buy Golf Club Clones?

Golf club clones are basically lower-priced versions of golf clubs that make use of similar materials and designs as golf clubs produced by leading manufacturers.

Clone golf club makers follow as much of the design specifications branded manufacturers use within what is allowed in the patent law. As such, golf club clones have similar, if not equal quality as the branded golf clubs but they are priced so much lower.

Golf club clones may be likened to generic PC units. Usually, people would buy computers from leading manufacturers like Dell, Compaq, IBM, and the like.

But people can also buy PCs from lesser known manufacturers and still expect the same computer performance as those from branded ones. The two kinds of computers make use of the same components as they obtain them from the same suppliers.

The objective of producing PC clones is not to copy the branded ones, but to provide customers with cheaper alternatives. People might still prefer to buy computers with brands for security, but they can also be assured even with the clones. This is the same with golf clubs.

What makes clone golf clubs advantageous is that they are sold for as much as half or a quarter of the price of branded golf clubs without making the quality and design inferior. Clone manufacturers are able to sell their clubs at much cheaper prices because they would not have to deal with other expenses apart from the materials and assembly.

They do not have to think much about marketing, product development, hiring professionals for endorsements. The manufacturers can sell the golf clubs for their actual price. According to some studies, branded manufacturers have the same actual cost for the products themselves, the customers are actually paring for the name and that is why such clubs are more expensive.

It is not necessary to have a popular name to be a good golf club. Clone golf clubs perform just as well as their branded counterparts. In fact, more and more golfers are using golf club clones as they are discovering the good quality and performance. For prices that are friendlier to their budgets.

The downside with clone golf clubs, however, is that they could fall behind branded clubs when it comes to design and technology. They usually would have to follow the trends established by the branded manufacturers who have all the necessary resources for brand development and research. For more details please visit these sites:-

Moreover, most clone manufacturers do not have the retailer or customer support facilities that branded manufacturers offer. So if there are problems with the clones, customers might not be able to seek help from a reliable customer service network. Lastly, clone golf clubs are definitely not well suited for people who want to flaunt their golf equipment since they do not have brands to brag about.

Are they legal?

The big question that comes to mind when it comes to golf club clones is their legality. The immediate answer is that golf club clones are indeed legit. They are not to be confused with knock-offs that copy the trademark of the popular manufacturers – i.e. posing as if they are the real thing.

There is a big difference between the two. Legitimate clone golf clubs only copy the designs and materials within the limits of the branded clubs’ patent. They still have their own identity and name. Meanwhile, counterfeit golf clubs only copy the identity of popular brands, and usually they do not have the same quality of craftsmanship and materials and thus they usually perform poorly.

Like in other industries, counterfeit golf clubs pose a great problem in golf manufacturing both for the leading brands and the clones. A lot of people get victimized into buying them. The worst part is that the customers are spending money for a product that does not serve its purpose well and at the same time supporting an illegal activity.

Thus it is important to be wise when buying golf clubs. If a branded set appears to be unbelievably cheap then it is probably a knock off and you would definitely be better off just buying a clone instead.

Knowing that golf club clones are indeed of good quality and at the same time legal, it is therefore alright to buy and use them. They offer the same performance capabilities at a cheaper cost without violating any law. So if you are on a budget but you want to have a good golf equipment, then you can very well buy clone golf clubs.


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