Herbal Chest Packs – Relieve Congestion in the Lungs, Sinuses and Ears

Herbal Chest Packs are essentially called Poultices. They are made of two pieces of 4X6 Muslin sewn together on three sides and stuffed with Healing Herbs then sewn on the fourth side to close. They are then activated by very hot water and placed on the skin to relieve the below ailments.

The Herbal Chest Packs are used with Herbs designed to break up Mucous in the Lungs when one is seriously ill.

Herb Combination:
o Comfrey
o Lobelia
o Marshmallow
o Mullein
o Slippery Elm

o This Herbal Formula will alleviate the tight chest and break up mucous in the Lungs. Activate the herbs by wetting the Herbal Chest Pack with very hot water, bunnydirectories just enough to make an Herb mud pie. Do not over soak it or it will be drippy and make a mess. Make sure it is cooled enough not to burn before placing it on the skin. Besides the Chest, Herbal Chest Packs may also be placed around the Neck for sore throats, coughs and alike or the Back.

o The skin is the largest organ of the body and although it repels water it also absorbs various substances through water whether it be beneficial or harmful. When the Herbal Chest Packs are activated with water, the body absorbs the healing properties of the herbs through the water. The Herbal Chest Packs will eventually get cold and get somewhat dry. Just reactivate them again with hot water.

o It is very important that when a Chest Pack is activated that it not be left on the skin for more than 2 hours at a time.

o It is also very important to leave a Chest Pack off for at least an hour before reactivating and reapplying it to the skin.

o The Herbs are very soothing and will help you to sleep. These Herbs are also very powerful and it is very important that someone assist you in the time factors when using a Chest Pack or set the timer on an alarm clock so you can take it off and rest an hour before reactivating and reapplying it to the skin.

o To Reactivate Chest Pack, pour boiling hot water on it, just enough to get it warm before placing on the skin. After activated, they last for three days before you need to throw them away, just keep adding water. When not in use, put it in a plastic zip baggie and keep it in the fridge, this will ensure its freshness.

These Herbs give Relief and Assist the Healing of:
Allergies: exaggerated or pathological immunological reaction (as by sneezing, difficult breathing, itching, or skin rashes) to substances, situations, or physical states that are without comparable effect on the average individual.

Asthma: a chronic lung disorder that is marked by recurring episodes of airway obstruction (as from bronchospasm) manifested by labored breathing accompanied especially by wheezing and coughing and by a sense of constriction in the chest. For more info please visit these sites:- https://iemlabs.com/

Bronchitis acute or chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes.

Cough: to expel air from the lungs suddenly with an explosive noise.

Earaches: an ache or pain in the ear.

Emphysema: a condition characterized by air-filled expansions of body tissues; specifically: a condition of the lung marked by abnormal enlargement of the alveoli with loss of pulmonary elasticity that is characterized especially by shortness of breath and may lead to impairment of heart action.

Hay Fever: an acute allergic reaction to pollen that is usually seasonal and is marked by sneezing, nasal discharge and congestion, and itching and watering of the eyes; also called pollinosi.

Hoarseness: rough or harsh in sound, grating as in having a hoarse voice.

Lungs: one of the usually paired compound saccular thoracic organs that constitute the basic respiratory organ of air-breathing vertebrate.

Mucous: slimy, organic membrane.

Pleurisy: inflammation of the pleura that is typically characterized by sudden onset, painful and difficult respiration, and exudation of fluid or fibrinous material into the pleural cavity.

Pneumonia: a disease of the lungs characterized especially by inflammation and consolidation of lung tissue followed by resolution and by fever, chills, cough, and difficulty in breathing and that is caused especially by infection.


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