How To Earn Money Online For Stay At Home Moms

Most people think that earning extra money online is as easy as turning
a light switch, let me tell you folks, primers for sale it’s actually pretty hard especially
if you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on marketing tools and
advertising other than your internet connection.

So how do you earn extra money online when you don’t know anything about
computer programming or writing a sales letter or running a real business
on the internet for that matter? Where do you start? Who do you go to,
some guru who’s making millions, half the time I don’t understand what
the heck they’re talking about.

What you need is a step by step guide that will teach you the basics of
how to earn extra income online, dried sea cucumber for sale even if you are a stay at home mom.
The e-book is in pdf format which means that you need a reader that will
allows you to open and read the book.

Couple of weeks ago I bought an e-book called “Beginners List Formula”
by Mike Paetzold. This e-book is written in a language that you and
I can understand, plus it’s really easy to follow and it’s intended for
newbies (folks who are new to internet marketing) or for people who
wants to start building their opt-in list from scratch, like me.

In the first few pages, Mike explains why he wrote the book which
was a result from siminars that he had done in the past to help people
actually start to make money and to understand the process that it takes
to put together a sustainable business.

In following pages, Mike describes the foundation of starting your
online business (yes, you have to treat it as business) and how to
get organize in building your opt-in list. The first step is building
your list of prospects, adderall for sale your future loyal customers and Mike explains
how you can maximise your earning potential while building your

Mike Paetzold then illustrates what tools you need to get started and
shows you how the whole process works. The simple flow chart shows
how the prospect gets to your squeezpage/landing page, fills out the
form, takes them to either your OTO page, Thank You Page or
Co-registration page and until the prospect receives your autoresponder

The e-book will explain to you what all those terms means if you are not
familiar with them. Once you’ve learn how each tools work and how
they all tie together and how to drive traffic to your squeeze page, Mike
will show you how to take the next step which is creating your own
information products. The audio podcast that comes with the ebook gives
you ideas on how to create your own product. cash77

I believe if you are new to internet marketing, you should concentrate
your effort in finding your customers, what kind of customers are you
going to target and find out what they want and find a way how to give it
to them then take a massive action.

The e-book is brandable which means that you can change the affliate links
in the e-book with your own so that when a prospects buys the book from
you, you will earn commissions should he/she joins a particular program
and makes a purchase. That’s the best part about the e-book that I like.

The only thing that I did not like about this e-book is that the One Time
Offer is way too high and I don’t recommend it for beginner marketers.
You can see what an OTO or One Time Offer is and how you can make more
money from your list building effort. The e-book itself is a great
primer for newbie marketers and it will definitely help them get started
earning money online even if you are a stay at home mom, I highly
recommend this e-book.



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