HP Laptop Reviews – HP TouchSmart TX2-1270US 12.1-Inch Laptop-Tablet PC

The HP TouchSmart TX2-1270 is currently the most successful hybrid laptop in the market. It is essential 12.1-inch ultra-portable laptop that can also serve as a tablet PC. This is made possible by the screen that can be rotated to face outwards to become a tablet PC.

The 12.1-inch display is a LED-backlit touch-screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800. From reading the various HP laptop reviews, the touch-screen of this model is one of its biggest selling points. Besides serving as a competent tablet PC component, newsev the screen is also great for watching HD movies and hi-def graphics.

The HP TouchSmart TX2-1270 is powered by a 2.2Ghz AMD Turion X2 RM-75 processor. It also has 4GB Ram and a whopping 500GB hard drive. This is a great set of specs for a laptop of its class and price (as noted by many experts from various HP laptop reviews). As this is also an ‘entertainment’ laptop, dpimouse it comes with a tiny remote control and built-in Altec Lansing speakers. There is also a stylus pen for writing down notes on the screen.

The touch-screen functionality on the HP TouchSmart TX2-1270 is nothing short of being impressive. Using the touch-screen for multimedia browsing was a fun experience and the handwriting recognition software was very effective. For its price, ozlaptopreviews ┬áthe touch-screen’s performance was surprisingly good. Many HP laptop reviews have noted that the touch-screen features of this model is good enough of a reason for anyone to get one of these.

The HP TouchSmart TX2-1270 is also a competent machine for ordinary, everyday computing tasks. This is not the laptop for you if you plan to use it for serious graphic work such as running graphic ‘heavy’ applications such as Photoshop. Nevertheless, nachrichtenmorgenthe HP TouchSmart TX2-1270 is more than competent for average tasks like surfing the net, word processing and running non-graphic demanding applications. Many HP laptop reviews have also pointed out the reasonable price tag of this model. At the time of writing, nagricoin the HP TouchSmart TX2-1270 retails for around just $795, a great bargain for a hybrid laptop of this caliber.


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