Talk Fusion MLM Opportunity: Boom or Bust?

The Talk Fusion MLM Opportunity: What You Need to Know Everyone knows how powerful video is in communication, and video on the internet is hotter than ever. fusionblog

There are video sharing sites like YouTube and Viddler, video phone type services like Skype, and even Vlogs (video blogs for the uninformed ) scattered all over the internet landscape. Naturally, the next step is video email and video phones right?

A company creating some buzz in this new arena of Video e-mail is called Talk Fusion.

And though video e -mail has actually been around about 10 years, it hasn’t taken off. Is that about to change?

The Talk Fusion MLM is a network marketing company founded back in 2007 and specializing in video products and of course, Video e -mail.

TalkFusion MLM Opportunity Review When studying a company I find it beneficial to focus primarily on the market niche and product; because this is what is going to determine the sustainability of the company and its long-term success; and of course what will determine the success of its potential distributors.

In normal MLMs to make the kind of money one normally envisions in this kind of endeavor, longevity of product is essential.

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina, and it should be noted there are some mixed feelings on Mr. Reina, both good and bad, and for this you’ll certainly have to make your own decision, though it might be a good idea to do some further research on this subject before committing. omegawriter

The TalkFusion Products: Talk Fusion Products consist of Video e-mail, video social networking,video conferencing, video meeting broadcast, and video auto responders. Video everything, in other words.

The TalkFusion MLM has some good looking templates and the clarity of their video is quite sharp.

The e mails actually contain a static picture of the first frame of your video and when your recipient clicks on the play button they redirected to a static website that actually plays the video, however the way this is done is well enough no one is going to be distracted by such a minor detail.

The Talk Fusion video conferencing product is really practical as well, and their broadcast product could eventually replace a Go To Meeting system.

There are of course additional features included with the Talk Fusion MLM opportunity, and some practical features to help one use their videos on Social networking sites.

The Talk Fusion MLM Compensation plan

This is a basic binary with some nice matching bonuses and a bonus pool, nothing world shattering here. Talk Fusion pays commissions daily. This is pretty cool and company’s with this type of comp plan who’ve done this before have done pretty well in the short term. This can be a real driver for people -seeing the money come in like every day.

So What Does The Future Hold For The TalkFusion MLM Opportunity? Is this company going to fly longer than a year or so?

Once again it comes down to the product, niche and market. No matter how great a marketing angle appears to be, sometimes perception is not reality. For more info please visit these sites :-

And although video e-mail which is Talk Fusion’s flagship product seems at first blush like a killer, we should once again look at the past first. There have been lots of video e-mail MLM’s that have come before the TalkFusion MLM opportunity and none of them ever really made it. Some have been around for almost a decade but have stalled out.

I believe the reasons to be twofold: the first is practicality.

Though it sounds really cool to have something like video email, the average person when it comes down to it is not likely to continue using video email when they find out how hard it is to do one thing: look good in the video. This might be a surprising point to raise, but most people are simply not that comfortable in front of a camera-and non one wants to take five minutes trying to send a single email, just waiting to see if they look good in it. What happens then? People quickly become bored with something they don’t use that often, and do you think the average Joe or Jane is going to continue to pay for this service if they are not using it? Me either.


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