The Book of Melchizedek

Before Jesus, was Melchizedek his incarnation? (Hebrew 7) explaining this for Jewish Christians, the Levitical priesthood had been superseded; he is the priest of God in the Old Testament, thus, to typify Christ’s new position as High Priest. Melchizedek was king of Salem, Abraham’s Jerusalem (see Genesis 14). So we have this personage, who is King of Salem, and Priest of the Most High, who blesses Abram. Consequently, we have a powerful figure here. Abram openly showed Melchizedek that they both were worshipers of the one true God; by giving him tithing him, giving him one tenth of the booty, he had taken from a most recent battle. King David even sang songs of Melchizedek, recognizing him as a kind of Messiah (Matt. 22/Psalm 110 and Book of Hebrews) Where Christ and Melchizedek are seen as two High Priests of the Most High God. boccaccioravello

Were he an angel, and some have even put him as the Holy Spirit. But who was he really? And do we really know for sure? Here is a person without a father or mother (or at least there is no record to him having one, yet he was a High Priest, it was essential such a person’s linage could be traced), and a priest forever. Was not Christ like a priest in his day? He has no beginning or end, this man called Melchizedek. Found in the Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found were fragments concerning Melchizedek, that lead them to believe he was the Messiah, this Qumran community along with other Jewish and Gnostic sects of the first Century, believed also held this view, but how could this be if indeed he was not Christ? I mean, they were actually putting Melchizedek in with the Godhead. Were they all wrong? They knew something, but perhaps didn’t know how to express it. Why? Well if you do not know of a horse and a horn, you can not name a unicorn, likewise, if you do not now or have seen a train, car or plane, you cannot name them, you can only try to explain them as Mother Shipton, prophetess tried to explain what a submarine was, in the fifteenth century-saying in essence objects ships under the water sailing like whales. coloradoskihome

In the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 6, we see Christ is established in Heaven as the High Priest for mankind. Was Melchizedek the forerunner? Did Jesus belong to the Order of Melchizedek, or was it the other way around? Melchizedek belongs to Christ’s order yet to be? Is this possible, so many variables. I must assume Paul wrote the book of Hebrews, since everyone else does, and Paul was very well versed in the Jewish Law, and Theology, Melchizedek was a heavenly figure-so his inspiration indicates.

I mean, here was a figure just there! How did he get there? Where did he come from? Like the Evolutionist would say about the Universe or planets that surround earth, without explanation-it just appeared out of nowhere. Things do not happen that way, nor did Melchizedek appear out of nowhere, he came from someplace, just like someone put the planets around earth. Just because science cannot understand it, it does not mean it isn’t. I mean, science cannot duplicate grass, but we got a lot of it-I mean make it from zero, nothing to something, not take old seeds and replant them, the colour of green is beyond a scientist’s grasp to reproduce it, how then can we expect him to give us right data on God?

So must we assume one is the copy of the other? This would seem a little more logical. Would it be reasonable to say: Jesus was Melchizedek, but not the Messiah yet, since we are going 2000-years before the Christ or Messiah appears on earth?

If there are really two people here, we can also come to the conclusion; they are like each other, but not each other: for example, Michael the Archangel, who is the protector over Israel, the Watcher, you might say. Is this a possibility? Michael in congenital; whatever the case is, Jesus Christ, 2000-years later, supersedes this Priesthood, Jesus is the King-priest God. So we know Melchizedek was not Christ-before the Messiah or before Jesus’ human birth, and we know he did not go according to man’s law, but was appointed by God Himself. And if anything, he is a prototype of Christ. Now for my opinion, and that is all it is. For more info please visit these sites :-

(The way I think): I think he was a holograph of Christ ((the real thing, but with a slant, that he was the impression of Christ, authentic impression) (in essence, he was a three-dimensional image of Christ in the flesh, His illuminating pattern with ordinary flesh and life inside of him.)); I have seen the holograph image of Christ’s hand, in person, wide-eyed, awake, this is very possible. Perhaps the word Christ is wrong here, but then let me use the word Jesus as he was known before he was Christ.

The House of Tomorrow

The House of Tomorrow, I know it well

I knew it long ago, long, long ago–

When I looked into my children’s eyes

And I knew sometime I’d have to let them go!

But I never knew the hurt and sorrow,

Within their rigged hearts, and minds

(that somehow, someway, someday

Somewhere along the way- would grow

Indifferent, greedy and shallow)

And that made all the difference-

Looking back, faded now, within my soul!

And I know life does not stop for me or them,

Nor it expect it to, and I did all I could do

(with what I had, back when),

Sad but true, sometimes we leave unhappiness

On paths that cannot be renewed. But

I bid them all farewell, God Speed!

And hope all is well, within their needs!


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