Using the Power of Online Marketplaces For Small Business Promotion

Small businesses can piggyback the large online presences of well established sites to increase their own business website exposure. Sites like eBay, Etsy, Craigslist and Kijiji rank very well in search engines and log incredible amounts of traffic on a daily basis. Do not pass these opportunities up when you are developing your online marketing strategies. online afro marketplace

The large online marketplace and classified ad sites spend a very large amount of money every month in promoting their sites. They rank well in search engines and they generate traffic like crazy. By using those sites to promote your products and services, you can tap into all of that traffic. Casino Malaysia

Listings on the large online classified sites are often free, or you pay a small fee if you want to place a clickable link in your listing. This fee is generally far less than it would cost you to pay for the same type of exposure through online advertising on sites that get the same amount of traffic.

Putting a product or service up for sale on an online market like eBay or Etsy cost pennies. Not only do you have the very good possibility of making sales, the branding and exposure your small business will gain is invaluable. pe-eq

I have had many businesses claim that they tried an online market once or twice and didn’t make a sale so they discontinued. If you instead look at these sites as a very cheap form of advertising, you may see there is much more value there than you initially thought and it is definitely worth exploring. If you do not see any sales, perhaps you just need to do a little “tweaking” to your offer.

Make it look professional, make the copy write compelling, include multiple images of your product and detailed descriptions.  These sites do generate sales and if you are not selling, it is likely something you are doing wrong on your part. Visitors to these sites are there for one reason only; to buy products! bennietay

You may not be aware, but you can also include the html to your opt-in mailing form on sites like eBay. A captured lead from a shopping customer is worth far more than the cost of listing your product for sale. You know this lead is not only interested in the product, they are also looking to buy, if not now, then definitely in the near future or they would not be browsing through the eBay listings. pet portraits uk

If you are struggling to get your site noticed on the internet, especially if you are in a competitive market, using the power of these well established, high ranking shopping sites will have your products showing up in search engines at much higher positions than you could ever hope to gain on your own. They do all of the advertising for you in a big way and they can grow your customer list as well as grow your bottom line.


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