Young Fashion Bloggers

The world of fashion is intriguing for most women no matter the age. But today’s fashion bloggers seem to be getting younger and younger. Age seems to be an unimportant matter as their blogs have thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

Somewhere outside Dallas, fashionblog more specifically in Trophy Club, Texas one addictive fashion blogger has launched her personal page called “Sea of Shoes”. Jane Aldrige was only 16 when she started her own blog that is part shopping list/ wish-list and part fashion and style diary. Jane complains that most of her friends don’t understand her style and that they are sometimes embarrassed to go out with her. With a mother that was once a model and has started her own fashion business in Tokyo, you can say that Jane isn’t exactly the ordinary Texas girl.

Some of the outfits she poses in are actually worthy of catwalks and would make many young girls very proud to wear them. As she actually says, Jane has a passion for shoes which she says she collects and stores on shelves like small prizes. The boom of personal style/fashion blogs has created an Internet hysteria as the “Sea of shoes” alone has 70.000 visitors a day. California drug rehabs

Another important figure in the teen fashion blog is Tavi Gevinson. She has also captured the attention of Teen Vogue among other fashion magazines (just like Jane has). Tavi started her fashion blog anavictoriablog “Style Rookie” when she was just 13 years old. And it can be stated that the girl has a strong interest in fashion because even a designer would find interesting some of the items that she presents on the blog.

The world of fashion revolves around the passion for clothes and for accessories and most of the young fashion bloggers keep sending out a clear idea for all the teenagers out there: elmbrookpsych It is not that important what you wear as long as you wear it with style. This seems to be a very good point, choosing the clothes that best fit you will make you look wonderful!


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