Some Baby Name Tips and Suggestions

Naming a child is one of the most important and stressful events a parent will face prior to their child’s arrival. There are family traditions, religious customs, as well as advice from family members and friends. These 101 Baby Naming tips may lead parents to the perfect name, or may simply eliminate some choices from contention. Either way, it will give future parents something to think about as they seek out that perfect baby name. countyreloading


  1. Listen to advice from family and friends – but ultimately make your own decision
  2. Making others ‘think’ they are part of the process can make your life easier as you (and your partner) search for the perfect name
  3. Arabic names tend to be religious, usually referring to worship and faithfulness
  4. Research names from your favorite band, or choose the name of your favorite singer
  5. Go to the library and look up some classic books or stories, as there are usually great names of classic characters
  6. Choose the name of your favorite celebrity or movie star
  7. Realize that celebrities may not have all of the answers – Is Apple a fruit, or a child’s name?
  8. Pick a name of a character from your favorite television show
  9. Soap operas are a great source for unique, popular names
  10. Choose a character from your favorite movie – Rocky or Sonny for example
  11. If the name doesn’t seem to fit the baby as they develop their personality, you can always change the name, but don’t wait too long
  12. In China, a name contains one unique character while the others are shared by all family members in the child’s generation
  13. Name the baby after your favorite town or city – Florence or Diego for example
  14. Invite your friends to participate in a contest – ask them to choose the day your baby will be born, and the one who is closest gets to pick the name
  15. Give a unique name – choose a top 100 name from a different country
  16. Research other cultures or naming traditions
  17. Babies do grow up – a cute name may not always be cute
  18. Name the baby after the doctor (or nurse) that delivered the baby
  19. Research your ethnic background to learn naming traditions as well as superstitions
  20. Ask you older children to participate in naming your new child – it can be fun and lead to great bonding moments for your family
  21. In a large family, be careful of using the same name a cousin or family member may already have – family events can become quite confusing
  22. Consider using a last name as a middle name, or a first name
  23. See if using the first letters of names from people in your family result in a potential name: Sarah, Alan, Michael – SAM fishingwar123
  24. Look through your family tree and research the different names of your ancestors
  25. Give a family member the honor of selecting a name for your child
  26. A mother’s maiden name can become a unique, momentous first name
  27. Select the name you always wanted to have for yourself had you been able to choose your own name
  28. Name a child after your favorite attribute of someone you love, for example, Cassidy (girl with curly hair) or Ahisma (gentle)
  29. Pick a name after a beautiful flower, like Lilly or Rose
  30. The French have traditionally given names from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints
  31. Pick you favorite gem – Ruby or Pearl
  32. Choose a popular name from other countries or cultures
  33. Name your child after a grandparent from either the mother’s or father’s family
  34. Greeks typically use the paternal grandfather’s name for the first-born male and the paternal grandmother’s name for the first daughter
  35. Visit a local hospital and go to the maternity ward – check out what other parents are naming there kids
  36. Five distinct requirements for a Hindu name 1) the name should be easy to say and have a pleasant sound, 2) the name would need to have a set number of syllables, as well as vowels, 3) the baby’s name would indicate his or her gender, 4) the name would represent the family’s status, specific to power, wealth, and fame, and 5) the caste of the family would be suggested with the chosen name
  37. Hispanic names frequently have biblical histories or are named for Saints
  38. Write down the initials from the baby’s full name – make sure it does not spell something bad – Dana Angela Madison (DAM)
  39. Think of the child’s middle name as well – make sure the first and middle names sound good together
  40. Irish children are often named after family members – First son named after father’s father, first daughter after mother’s daughter, second son after mother’s father, second daughter after father’s mother
  41. There is a custom in Italy that 1) the first male is named after his paternal grandfather, 2) the second male is named after his maternal grandfather, 3) the first female is named after her paternal grandmother, and 4) the second female is named after her maternal grandmother
  42. Japanese believe that a baby’s name will decide its future, which is why the Japanese look for names that bring good fortune to the child
  43. Ashkenazic Jews have a strong tradition that a baby be named after a deceased relative
  44. Sephardim Jews name their children after living grandparents, where the first son is named for the father’s father, the first daughter for the father’s mother; the next son is named after his mother’s father and the second girl for her maternal grandmother
  45. Select a last name and use it as a first name – the last name can be in your family, or just a name you like for your child – McKenzie for example
  46. Pick a name that has a special meaning to you or your significant other
  47. Make sure the name you’ve chosen does not have a negative meaning
  48. Pick some attributes you’d like your child to possess and use a baby name meaning tool to determine which names have the meaning you seek
  49. Select a name that rekindles positive memories, pg888slotxo from someone you once knew or a mentor that had a positive influence in your life
  50. Make a list of names you know you don’t like and determine if each has a common trait or attribute to help find the perfect name
  51. Pick a name that can be easily shortened or abbreviated, allowing your child to pick the one he/she likes best as he/she gets older – for example, Michael can become Mike, Mikey, Mickey, etc


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