Great Women Fall For A Geek

This question most certainly applies to guys and I mean to ask, “Are you a good-looking heart throb who has the charms to make girls swoon over you and fight over you?” If you are, I have bad news for you buddy. The road for marital bliss would probably be winding and full of dead ends. I am not being a jerk, OK? I am just making sense with the quote stating that “beauty is a curse”. It certainly makes a lot of sense as far as guys are concerned, yet most of them are not willing to pretend to be mature enough to understand and accept it like females do.

So what am I talking about? I’m simply saying that the geek, timid and unpopular guys that girls used to underestimate have a lot more chance in becoming something worthy of praise other than the superficial good-looking ones.

Let it be known, in case people forget this very logical fact in life, thatĀ people grow up. Boys grow up and become men. Girls grow up and become women. A playboy heart throb can’t remain a heart throb forever. He can’t remain pouncing from one female specie to another in search of adventure. The terrible thing to go about it is that his sweet feeling of acceptance and admiration from his peers have the unusual tendency to blind him from the fact that “the older he gets, anime where popular girl falls for unpopular boy the dirtier he becomes” given that his philandering habit never ceased. And when girls grow up, they know this. Mature girls who become women in their own time consider their future and their life-long happiness. Thus, no self-respecting woman would want to grow up with a so-called man who remains a high school MVP who fondles rebellious teenage cheerleaders forever.

Now why would smart mature ladies or women go for a geek? It is becauseĀ geeks always represent a profound identity of a woman’s dream boy and they represent everything that is beyond petty and superficial. From the toddler stage of girls, they already have a preconception of what an ideal crush is. Often they are boys who are either kind, smart or shy. Their libido is not yet that developed and physical appearance have little bearing to the innocent yet close proximity a toddler boy and girl feels for each other. By the time little girls grow up and eventually lose their innocence, they get into a lot of psychological changes that often results to anxieties and problems that behavioral scientists consider as a normal crucible development. But all those dark times, they yearn for their long lost dream boy and more often than not their subconscious memory of them dates back to their hazy childhood.

Geeks remind them of that innocent dream boy. More than that, geeks have the edge in adult life compared popular guys pampered by peers. Geeks have the tendency to use their insecurity and bitter past as a weapon to excel in the future. There’s nothing more tempting to a wounded man than to redeem his pride and punish those who stepped on it. No guy is called a geek if not for his high level of intelligence, which normal people are incapable of catching up, and thus naming them as such because of it. In a civilized world, intelligence is a treasure that can multiply gold into a thousandfold, and they certainly have the practical means to do so. An intelligent man can become anything that passes as an immortal at the time of his death. They can be the nation’s president (Abraham Lincoln), a world-renowned music composer (John Lennon), a genius movie director (Steven Speilberg), or a celebrated writer (Ernest Hemmingway). Any of these titles are achievable only through intelligence, and how one effectively uses it to his advantage. Is there any self-respecting woman with high ambition who does not want to marry great guys like these names mentioned?


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