Picking Up Women – How to Sky Rocket Your Success With Women!

One key secret to pick up women like a true alpha male is to start hanging out with guys who are already successful with women. You become like your top 5 closest people in your life. oros.store

Currently, you probably hang out with guys who are NOT successful with women. That is why you are probably having challenges with women.

So you want to replace your current top 5 people with a new set of top 5 people. Start getting rid of your old wingmen who are no longer helping you. I am saying this from experience. skywings

Whenever my game was stagnant, it was because I wasn’t taking the time to meet NEW wingmen out there. When I was only hanging out with the same wingmen, my skills would be the same. In fact, some wingmen would NOT even contribute to my game at all.

While I taught them, I didn’t learn a thing from them. That is why you need to know when to get rid of certain wingmen. If your wingman does not actively go out there and take action, get rid of him. And replace your old wingman with a new wingman who has a strong desire to become better with women. affluentwords

As your skills continually get better with girls, you want to continually replace your old wingmen with a new and better wingman. This will help you improve your game at a faster pace than most guys who just wing with the same guy forever. Blogline


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