Foods That Can Boost Your Immune System

Nowadays we are surrounded by so many different types of virus and your body is under the environmental attack everyday. It is your immune system’s (white blood cells) job to protect your body from those daily invisible attacks. And isn’t it great if you could increase your immunity by just eating right food for it?

To strengthen your white blood cells, it is said that you need to regulate your life, exercise regularly, and reduce the stress level as well as to introduce yogurt and bananas in your diet. Why yogurt and bananas?

Lactobacillus that is found plenty in yogurt increases the number of good bacteria in intestines, which stimulate intestinal mucosal immunity, and therefore it strengthens your body’s immunity. Intestinal mucosal immunity is the immune system inside of intestines. Since your intestines have to deal with various foreign substances as well as foods, there are lots of immune cells actively and tirelessly working to protect your body placed inside of intestines. A number of studies found that as the number of good bacteria increase, bad bacteria decrease, and then it boosts the immunity inside of intestines therefore strengthen white blood cells in your blood.

Mr. Haruhiko Kugo, the head of Institute for Health Science in Japan says that it is recommended to eat 250-300g of yogurt every day. If it was difficult to eat such a large amount in one day, just start with 100g/day and increase the amount as you go.

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Mr. Kugo also says that it is advisable to eat bananas with yogurt to enhance the immune boost effect even more. The study shows that eating one or two bananas a day for three days increased the number of white blood cells. Cellboost.


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